Monday, 3 July 2017

When did pikemen stop wearing armour?

This is a question that I am now pondering.  It's a difficult one to come to any conclusion as armour could be stored and not used. Anybody got any ideas?


Benjamin of Wight said...

I suppose one of the problems is that officer portraits still had armour as a classical reference, even if not used in the field. (as long as we don't go down the "when was the Pike last used in the British Army" route...)

Big Andy said...

Not nearly as much of it was worn in the ECW as some think. - It did come back into service with the tiny Charles II army. BUTJames II army do not seem to have bothered. In France the Swiss seem to have been the last to wear it in action and this may have been as late as 1690-1700
Pikes are of course another matter.... though not by much